2016 Banzai Racing Events

To kick off the year, we visited Detroit for the 2016 North America Auto Show. A little dissappointed that the RX Vision was not at the Mazda exhibit, but it's still fun to check out twhat's going on in the automotive field.

2015 Events

We made a quick trip to Weston-Super-Mare in England to visit Banksy's Dismaland Exhibition. Click Here for some photographs of the event for those of you unfortunate enough not to get tickets:(. Click Here for some photographs of 'Dismal Sean's' fakation to Dismaland

Philip Burkhart has been having an outstanding race season in his Banzai Racing built 372 RWHP Twin Turbo FD. Check out the following links for some CCSCC race results and information;

Final Results    PAX Time Results      Final Raw Time Results

Mark Keefer won the 2014 Steel Cities Trophy for ITS Racing. Way to go Mark!!!!!!

2014 Events

We are pleased to announce that in September 2014 we purchased our Mustang Dynamometer and now perform in-house dyno tuning in our 3000 sq. ft. dedicated dyno building.

The MD-250 uses its powerful eddy current power absorber, a frictionless, air-cooled braking device, to enable it to apply variable and steady state loading. This dyno is capable of reading 1500 RWHP and speeds up to 175 mph. Contact Us to schedule a dyno tuning appointment.

June we picked up our newly painted 20B converted FD and almost immediately attended the 2nd Annual Scottie DTV Travelling Charity Roadshow event held in Auburn Indiana, hosted by the Auburn Shifters Car Club.

Our thanks to Wayne Greer at Greer Performance for inviting us and the awesome paint job.

We were selected for a ScottieDTV  web interview and won an RPM Magazine Award in the high HP corral.

RPM Magazine Award

2013 Events

Click Here for Huffmaster Racing's 50th SCCA® National Championship Runoffs win article

Click Here for Fox 45 News Video of HoverRally 2013 Featuring Dan's Hovercraft

Click Here for Slideshow of Elaine's 50th Birthday Paris Trip

2012 Events

Mark Keefers ITS Regional Championship plus other achievements

Detroit Auto Show

Trip to Ireland

2010 & 2011 Events

Over the last two years we have witness Mark Keefer's domination in ITS racing. In 2011 he won the coveted Kryder Racing ITS Regional Championship. Click Here for more information and to check out Mark's project.

2009 Events

Banzai Racing Project Efini 20B conversion Completed

Mark Keefer '90 GXL racing at Mid Ohio Race Track

Cruisin' Hoosiers Car Show

Dream Cruise RX-7 Meet

Midwest Mazdafest

2008 Events

Some of you may know that 2008 was the year that we got married, click here for a link to some pics of our wedding.

We welcomed 2008 by continuing to perform upgrades and modifications on our project cars. This year we are particularly looking forward to driving and breaking in the rebuilt engine our TII Vert. Check out the project progress by clicking here.

2007 Events

Banzai Racing Trip to Deals' Gap, North Carolina

Banzai Racing 6th Annual Spring Customer Appreciation BBQ

2006 Events

Banzai Racing 5th Annual Fall Customer Appreciation BBQ

2006 MRR

2006 Road America

2006 Pierceton Days Car Show

2006 2KC Motorfest

Banzai Racing 5th Annual Spring Customer Appreciation BBQ

2005 Events

Banzai Racing 4th Annual Fall Customer Appreciation BBQ

Kruse International Auction

Biomet Car and Bike Show

Cruisin' Hoosier's Annual Car & Bike Show

2KC Motorfest

Banzai Racing 4th Annual Spring Customer Appreciation BBQ

2004 Events

Banzai Racing 3rd Annual Fall Customer Appreciation BBQ

Banzai Racing 3rd Annual Spring Customer Appreciation BBQ

2003 Events

Some pictures from our 2003 events

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