4th Annual Spring Customer Appreciation BBQ pics


What a wonderful day! The weather was perfect and we had a great turnout. Our thanks goes out to everyone who made the trip from Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. We saw a lot of new faces this year and a few non-rotary participants.

Special thanks go to RXTuner Magazine & Rotary13B1 Inc. for sponsoring prizes, John for the music, Tim & Mike for their grilling skills, Mel for helping with the drawing, Heather & Piper for the hotdogs, and everyone for coming by.

Group #1
Tim's '94
Craig's '94
Group #2
Cole's '89 GXL
Tracy's VW
Matt's '93
Group #3
Chris' '93
Jason's '88 TII
Mark's '93
Tim's '94
Group FDs
Josh's '89 TII
Cody's '85
Mark's '85
Adam's Chevy
Jeff's '94
Ryan's '93
Matt's '94
Luis' '73 RX3
Jason's WRX
Paul's '91 Vert
Group #4
Chris' '93
Alyssa's '88 Vert
Group FCs
Riley's '87
Mike's '87 GXL
Group #5

For pics of the People's Choice Award winner and Prize Drawing winners Click Here