20B Conversion Page #1

Subframe & Bushings

Photographs of engine bay before and after painting

Passenger Side Before
Engine Bay Before
Driver Side Before
Front Before
Passenger Side After
Engine Bay After
Driver Side After
Front After

Photographs of 20B Subframe & Steering Rack installation

20B Subframe
Installed Front View
Passenger Side
Driver Side
Steering Rack Installed

Photographs of Super-Pro & Powerflex Polyurethane Bushings

Power Steering Rack
FR Lower Wishbone Front
FR Lower Wishbone Rear
RR Upper Wishbone
FR Upper Wishbone
Inner Track Control Arm
RR Upper Wishbone Outer

Photographs of Feed Anti-Sway Bar Brackets and Front & Rear Polyurethane Busings Installed

Anti-Sway Bar Brackets
Passenger Side Bracket
Driver Side Bracket
Front Bushings
Rear Bushings

Photographs of the underside of the car

Bottom Front View
Engine Bay Bottom View
Bottom Rear View



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