Silicone Vacuum Line Replacement

We recommend that all stock rubber vacuum lines be replaced with Silicone Vacuum Hose for reliability and safety. The stock lines have a tendency to harden and crack with age. At Banzai Racing we use Silicone Vacuum Hose, which never hardens or cracks, is guaranteed for life and comes in a variety of colors (Blue, Red, Black & Silver) to compliment your engine bay.

Stock Vacuum Lines
Vacuum Line Simplification

The cost for a complete Vacuum Line Replacement starts at $400, and includes your color preference of silicone vacuum hose.

Example of FD3s Mazda RX-7 Vacuum Line Replacement
Vacuum Lines Side View
Vacuum Lines Top View
Front View

In this example the customer's engine was painted Silver & Red during the rebuild. We used silver vacuum hose to compliment it.

Solenoid Rack

Vacuum Line Simplification costs vary according to the vehicle modifications and application. Contact Sales for a quote to replace your vacuum lines.

Click here for enlarged versions of the Stock Vacuum Line Diagram & Vacuum Line Simplification Diagram

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