DBA Rotors (04+ RX-8)

DBA 4000 Series Slotted Rotors (04+ RX-8)

The DBA 4000 Series Uni-Directional Slotted Rotors.

The DBA 4000 Series rotor is a mid-level brake rotor that has more than enough performance for any street driven car and will work very well on a weekend track toy or autocrosser. DBA 4000 Series rotors feature Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP) for improved heat handling. TSP enhances the micro-structure of the rotor material providing greater thermal stability. Increasing the thermal stability allows your DBA rotors to take more heat, making them more stable under heavy, frequent braking. DBA rotors with TSP will, ultimately, improve brake pad and rotor life.

Thermo-Graphic paint markings on the edge of DBA's 4000 Series rotor change color at specific temperature thresholds allowing you to check your braking performance quickly and easily. Green changes to white at 856F, orange will change to yellow at 1022F and the red will change to white after 1166F. Ideal braking temperatures are between 850F and 1000F (so the green will become white and the orange and red are unchanged).

Sold Individually

Disk Brake Set Screws 4 Pack

We have sourced Stainless Steel replacement Disk Brake Set Screws, the original Phillips Head screws rarely can be removed intact. Our replacement Set Screws are used on all 86-02 RX7 and 04-012 RX8 models and feature a 5mm hex for easy install and removal. 

Sold in a 4 Pack. 

Price: $7.00 Quantity
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