HKS Setup Kit (93+ RX-7) 14020-AZ002

HKS cast Exhaust Manifold, HKS Special Wastegate (φ60), Wastegate return pipe, oil inlet and outlet pipe, flange, gasket, bolts and nuts etc.

Turbo NOT included

Price: $1,980.00
Sale Price $1,900.00
HKS to TiAL Wastegate Adapter

We have designed this adapter kit to allow installation of the TiAL 44mm wastegate on all manifolds that use the HKS standard wastegate flange. The HKS 38mm wastegate is inadequate when used in conjunction with ball bearing turbos, resulting in uncontrollable boost creep. We have found that installation of the TiAL 44mm wastegate eliminates this problem.

Our adapter utilizes a laser cut .375" mild steel manifold mating flange joined by 1.875" SS tube to an authentic TiAL SS V-band flange to guarantee a perfect fit with your TiAL 44mm wastegate. The assembly is Tig welded. The kit includes the adapter and (4x) 8mm x 1.25mm class 12.9 Allen bolts. This is the thread and pitch for the HKS manifold; other manifolds may differ. Our kit also includes the appropriate manifold mating gasket required for installation.

Flange bolt hole centers 68mm x 45mm

Note: Wastegate not included in kit.

Price: $140.00 Quantity
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