HKS compressor blowoff  valves play a vital role in any turbo system because they not only improve the performance of your vehicle but they also increase the longevity of the turbocharger as well.  The primary function of any blow-off valve is to prevent compressor surge by relieving the compressed airflow that reverses direction as the throttle is closed. 

HKS blowoff valves reroute the pressurized air, that is normally forced backwards into the turbo compressor, into the intake stream or by venting it to the atmosphere.  Subsequently, engine performance is then increased from quicker turbo spool up, as the compressor speed is not reduced by the backward airflow.  The longevity of the turbo is also increased, as its bearings will not suffer from the impact that is also produced by compressor surge. 

HKS Super SSQV4 Vehicle Specific Kit 71008-AZ007 93+ RX-7

Super SQV 4 features include a nickel-plated, die-cast metal secondary valve which is swaged to the primary valve, a stainless steel C-Clip and spring to increase sealing & durability.

Reliable functionality of the Super SQV 4 is unchanged and utilizes the same mounting flanges as all previous generation SSQVs.  This assures compatibility with all optional HKS SSQV inserts, recirculation fittings and recirculation kits.

Price: $395.00
Sale Price $335.00
HKS Super SQV4 Kit 71008-AK001

Super SQV4 Universal Kit

Price: $295.00 Quantity
HKS Super SQV Racing Single Valve Kit 71004-AK002

The New HKS Super SQV Racing blow off valve is a pull-type valve for high horsepower applications. Similar in construction and function to the new HKS Super SQV, the Super SQV Racing blow off valve uses a large single stage, aluminum pull-type valve to handle the extreme pressure and airflow discharge volume that is associated with high boost / horsepower applications.

The Super SQV Racing blow off valve is engineered to accommodate up to 3.0 bar (43.44psi) of boost and can function accurately on vehicles in the 800 horsepower range. The Super SQV Racing blow off valve utilizes the same circular mounting flange and billet aluminum construction as the SSQV to provide outstanding flow and a perfect seal. The new Super SQV Racing blow off valve now includes 2 recirculation fittings in 19mm and 29mm.

Price: $495.00
Sale Price $425.00
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