Engine Rebuild Level 4

Level 4 Engine Rebuild


Includes all parts from Level 3

Level 4 Rebuild Parts List
*Outer Coolant Seals
*Injector Diffuser O-Rings (FC3S )
Inner Teflon® Encapsulated Coolant Seals
*Crank Angle Sensor O-Ring (FC3S)
*Inner Rotor Oil Control O-Rings
Tension Bolt Washers & *O-Rings
*Outer Rotor Oil Control O-Rings
OEM Front Main Seal
*Dowel Pin O-Rings
OEM Rear Main Seal
*Rear Stationary Gear O-Ring
*Front Bolt O-Ring
*Oil Crossover O-Ring
FD3s Corner Seal Springs
2-Piece 2mm Apex Seals (3mm 12A/GSL-SE)
*Oil Filter Pedestal O-Rings
OEM Apex Seal Springs
Thermal Pellet Plug
OEM Side Seal Springs
*Corner Seal Plugs
OEM Side Seals
OEM Corner Seals
OEM Oil Pump Chain
OEM Rotor Oil Control Seal Set
OEM Oil Pump OEM Oil Pressure Regulator
OEM Rotor Bearings
OEM Stationary Gear Bearings
OEM New Rotor Housings  
*Denotes Upgraded to Viton®

Substitute Super Apex Seals for an additional $100 or Mazda OEM Apex Seals for an additional $250

As a service to our rebuild customers, we provide web pages with photographs taken during all phases of the engine breakdown and rebuild. Click Here for example.

Banzai Racing rebuilt engines are backed by our 12-Month unlimited mileage warrantee. Click Here for more information.

Preparing your short block engine for shipping to our facility Click Here

Level 4 Rebuild Pricing
78-85 12A
$5400.00 (reworked 13B housings)
84-85 13B (GSL-SE)
$4500.00 (3mm Super Seals Included)
86-88 S4 N/A (Non Turbo)
86-88 S4 TII (Turbo)
89-91 S5 N/A (Non Turbo)
89-91 S5 TII (Turbo)
93+ FD (13B-REW)
04+ RX-8 (Renesis)
13B RE (Cosmo)
$5300.00 (FD Housings)
20B (3 Rotor Cosmo)
$9200.00 (FD Housings)

Removal and installation is an additional charge, which varies depending on year and model. Contact us for pricing.

Engine porting is an additional charge Porting & Polishing

If you would like a quote or information regarding shipping your shortblock engine to/from our facility in Indiana, please email us at sales@banzai-racing.com

We are more than happy to discuss the best options for your application. We rebuild all rotary engines: 12A, 13B, 13BT, 13B-REW, 13B-RE, 20B & Renesis.

Please contact us at sales@banzai-racing.com for information regarding other rebuild upgrades not mentioned

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