HKS Intake (93+ RX-7)

HKS Racing Suction Kit (93+ RX-7) 70020-AZ101

HKS introduces the newly re-designed Racing Suction Reloaded intake systems. These intake systems feature HKS’ new Reloaded air filter assembly which maintains HKS’ race proven and patented Super Funnel design, but also incorporates new technical advances for improved performance and filtration.

"Hyper Stealth Frame" exceeds the performance of previous Super Stealth frame.
Increasing air intake surface area by 27% improves air intake efficiency.


Price: $740.00
Sale Price $695.00
HKS Replacement Foam Filters 150mm

HKS replacement Filter Elements are available in a dry 3-layer, triple density or wet 2-layer, dual density construction. The dry 3-layer type is standard in SMF Reloaded Intake kits, and is designed for superior filtration while still providing excellent airflow. The wet 2-layer type is included in Racing Suction kits and is focused on maximizing airflow for performance, yet still keeping harmful particles from the engine. If your vehicle is in a high dust area, HKS recommends using dry 3-layer elements.

Price: $26.00
HKS Replacement Filter Mini Assembly

Available for universal applications, the unique design of the Super Mega Flow Reloaded combats the propensity of airflow to move towards surface areas which generates turbulence and reduces airflow capacity, typically a weak point of box-type designs. HKS' patented super-funnel design, with its vacuum-inducing inner lip, draws air from the filter's outer edge and directs air away from inlet throat surface areas.

Part No.   Application     Inlet
Size (mm) 
Size (mm) 
70019-AK101 Includes Green Element   60 150
70019-AK102 Includes Green Element   70 150
70019-AK103 Includes Green Element   80 150
70019-AK107 Limited Edition Red Spl   60 150
Price: $120.00
Sale Price $115.00
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