APEXi Intake (93+ RX-7)

APEXi Power Intake (93+ RX-7) 507-Z001

The A’PEXi Power Intake is the premier air filter system using a dual funnel technology. The air filter is made of an unrestricted race quality element and has one funnel at the top of the filter and one velocity funnel at the base. A’PEXi engineers noticed in tests that when the vehicle sucked in air from the side, an area of wind turbulence occurs in the middle of the filter. To cure this problem, a funnel at the top of the filter was added to channel the air down to the base of the filter. A separate funnel at the base of the filter ensured the smooth transition of air from the atmosphere into the intake pipe.

Price: $599.00
Sale Price $560.00
APEXi Power Intake Replacement Filter (93+ RX-7) 500-A024

2 Required 

Price: $89.00
Sale Price $85.00
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