N/A to TII Conversion Parts List

This is an expensive conversion. Unless you are fortunate enough to locate a wrecked TII for donor parts, it is much less costly to SELL your N/A and BUY a TII.

If you are looking for a TII Convertible you do not have any options, unless you are fortunate enough to find one that has already been converted, or you live in Japan, New Zealand or Australia!


TII Engine (complete, with all Sensors, Throttle Body, Intercooler, etc.)
TII Engine Wiring Harness
TII Main Dash Harness
TII Knock Control Unit
TII Throttle Cabl
TII Instrument Cluster is recommended (unless you purchase an aftermarket Boost Gauge)
TII AFM (Air Flow Meter; N/A has been known to work)
TII TID (Turbo Inlet Duct)
TII Pressure Sensor
TII Brake Booster Hose (particularly the 1-way check valve at the booster)
TII Fuel Pump (or aftermarket pump)
TII Fuel Pump Relay (or rewire for constant voltage)
TII Clutch Slave Cylinder
TII Flywheel
TII Clutch Disk
TII Pressure plate
TII Throwout Bearing
TII Transmission
TII Starter
TII Driveshaft
TII Rear Differential
TII Halfshafts
TII Downpipe/Midpipe (or Stock Precat/Cat)
TII Hood (or FMIC)